Frequently Asked Questions

Durham Logs

What payments do we accept?
As well as ordering via our website, you can use various methods of payment as detailed below:

Paypal,  Paypal (Credit Card),  Cash,  Cheque *

* Cheques made out to PH Sedgewick.

If you wish to pay with on-line banking please email us for our account details.

What species is the wood?
Our Hardwoods are generally Ash, Beech, Sycamore and Oak, Chestnut, Elm, and Birch. Our Softwood species are generally spruce, Douglas fir, and larch.

Can I specify a time?
We can usually deliver within 2 working days with an hour time slot for delivery.

What size is the Logs, diameter etc?
Logs in our bags are approx 9″ long and are split into manageable pieces.

How many Logs in a bag & how long would a bag last?
On Average there are between 60 to 70 logs in a barrow bag, there are lot of factors when it comes to how long a bag will last,

Why should I burn logs?
Burning logs is more environmentally friendly than burning other fossil fuels such as coal, oil or natural gas. Burning logs does release CO2 into the atmosphere. However, if a tree is re-planted the same amount of CO2 will be absorbed as the new tree grows, meaning the burning of logs is carbon neutral.

To preserve the low moisture levels all of the logs supplied by Durham Logs are stored undercover out of reach of the elements.

You should be aware that moisture readings could vary depending on the point on which you take the moisture reading.

Immediately following delivery it is recommended that logs be stored undercover in dry surroundings. If delivery is to be made when you are not at home, we suggest that you either make suitable provision to protect the delivery from the elements or inform Durham Logs if you have left sheets or tarpaulins at the delivery address to protect the logs.

Are the pictures real?
The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and actual products may vary.

What is your Shipping and returns policy?
Please see our Shipping and Returns page here

Contact Details

What is our address?
New Ivesley Farm

Tel: 07766 466 102

IMPORTANT! Please do not come to the address as we do not do collections, we are a delivery company only!

Handy tip

How to light a fire 

Use a firelighter place it in the middle of the fire light it and place sticks around it one at each side then build it up like jenga then once it has hold put some smaller logs on it.

Questions & Feedback

The Durham Logs personnel will happily any answer questions you have about logs.

Should you not be satisfied with the product supplied, we request that you inform us within 48 hours of receiving the delivery, either by telephone or the contact form on this website.