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Durham Logs

Durham logs is a small family based firewood company who have been supplying quality products to our customers for 15 years now.

We used nature to season our wood.

Our  logs have been naturally air dried for up to 24 months to reduce the moisture content. Our seasoned firewood logs have been split to a length of approximately 9ins making them the ideal size for burning in your wood burning stove, pizza oven, chimaera and open fireplace. Our logs have moisture content of between 15-25% you will be able to burn them straight away. All of our wood is sourced from the UK and is a mixture of Oak, Ash, Silver, Birch, Alder and Beech and others. We recommend leaving the logs in a well-ventilated log store or under cover and out of the rain and raised off the floor. Our logs are very popular and by buying this product, you are helping local British woodlands be managed sustainably. Our timber comes from no more than 20 miles away from us

We buy freshly felled trees from local timber merchants who manage woodlands for their clients from local Councils to large estates like Lambton Estates.

We store the trees outside for approximately 12-18 months after such time we then cut it into the logs and store under cover for up to a further 12 months , this ensures that the wood is seasoned.

We believe this , although very time consuming it is a better method than kiln drying which uses extra fuel to dry fuel and receiving RHI payments from government .


Contact Details

What is our address?
New Ivesley Farm

Tel: 07766 466 102

IMPORTANT! Please do not come to the address as we do not do collections, we are a delivery company only!

Handy tip

How to light a fire 

Use a firelighter place it in the middle of the fire light it and place sticks around it one at each side then build it up like jenga then once it has hold put some smaller logs on it.

Questions & Feedback

The Durham Logs personnel will happily any answer questions you have about logs.

Should you not be satisfied with the product supplied, we request that you inform us within 48 hours of receiving the delivery, either by telephone or the contact form on this website.